Kirti's Birth Story: Welcome to the world Ira!

birth story Jan 31, 2024

I wanted to thank you again for your help. I couldn’t have birthed my baby without your book and your mp3s.

I read your book at least 4-5 times through my pregnancy and listened to the 3 downloads that come with it. I also loved practising my breathing to the background track. It was so relaxing! As I got to 40 weeks I started doing the Apple tree visualisation I found on your Facebook page and it really really helped me stay calm about going over my estimated due date.

And just when I started getting impatient, I got your gentle induction set. Within 3 days of that I’d had my baby! I really felt like it helped me let go and trust my body to start labour.

The day I went into labour (April 1st), I can honestly say it didn’t feel anything like labour. I didn’t feel any strong contractions just a lot of pressure. So I just kind of ignored it and went out for a movie! Once I got back I lost my mucus plug and the pressure became intense. So I put my son to sleep while on my hands and knees, listening to the induction track!!!

The pressure tapered off though so I had dinner, watched TV and went to bed while listening to my affirmations. I woke up again around midnight to the same sort of pressure whenever I peed. I stayed calm and tried to rest. I remember reading in Mindful Hypnobirthing that I would know the perfect time to go to the hospital. So I waited.

At 1.45am I started timing my pressure waves. They were 2.5-3 mins apart! So after timing them a bit I got ready, got in the car and left for the hospital. I had planned a water birth and I was very excited to get in the water to relieve the pressure. I reached the hospital at 2.50am and to my shock I was fully dilated! I pushed my baby out at 3.30 am, with no drugs and no pool. It was all me! What helped was remembering that even at the peak of the pressure I had breaks in which the intensity and pain washed away. Even when the head was out I was able to take a few breaths, calm down and push again. Although I have to mention that I did scream through it like a mad woman! They could hear my outside the hospital!!!

So there’s my story – I have you to thank for my quick and easy birthing experience. I couldn’t have done it without Mindful Hypnobirthing and the Mindful Mamma downloads.

If you are interested in the audio tracks check them out here

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