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(Perinatal Psychologist)
Sophie is so full of passion and enthusiasm which really helped me to learn. I also liked her style of teaching which was loose and diverse and full of examples and her experiences. At the same time it was boundaried and well structured.


I discovered this course after looking after a primap with a long and difficult labour. Over the next couple of years I could almost predict who had prepared with Mindful Hypnobirthing  - they were so calm and coped with whatever labour threw at them. 


I trained in other courses but would highly recommend this as it promotes women centred care and effective partnerships between the women, partners and their midwives. I particularly love that it is so easy to understand and teach.
I train people to teach mindful hypnobirthing and mindful menopause in the NHS and privately. 
My hypnobirthing training as been described as "radically different" to other hypnobirthing training courses. And it is. 
I'm going to be honest with you and say that I don't agree with the way that hypnobirthing is often taught.    
My approach is an integrative and flexible one that enables each practitioner to explore the breadth of hypnotherapeutic application and to work with the most vulnerable women and families. 
I don't widely advertise, so if you have found yourself on this page, perhaps it's meant to be. 
My focus is on:
  • evidence based practice 
  • support-  I run a post training mentoring programme 
  • easy maintenance of skills and CPD
  • fantastic grounding in perinatal hypnosis
  • flexibility of tools and techniques for a positive birth whatever the outcome
  • clear distinction between mindfulness and hypnosis
I absolutely love teaching and am passionate about giving new teachers the knowledge and foundation that helps make them confident, authentic teachers. 
You'll be given a structure that also helps you to hold your clients safely.
Read on and find out the different ways you can learn! Or book a free clarity call with me. 

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Self-guided mindful hypnobirthing teacher training online (£450)

This comprehensive course is aimed at health professionals, doulas, hypnotherapists and  other talking therapists. 
Learn in your own time, in your own way.  
For a more detailed description of what you get click below. 
Included in this are scripts, materials, some great hypnosis tools.
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Live online hypnobirthing teacher training (Mindful Mamma Certification)

This is 12 hours of live training online. Learn great skills for teaching online and get to grips with on the spot support. 
It's an opportunity to ask questions and deepen your knowledge of hypnosis and hypnobirthing. You get resources, access to all online materials and CPD videos, and it's also RCM accredited. 
Included are 6 months of group mentoring included in this package. 
Read more and book a place on the 26th and 27th of November 2022

Mindful Menopause Training (Online)

This incredible approach to menopause explores beliefs and attitudes to menopause, and how they affect experience. You'll learn about how thoughts play a role in experience.  alongside some excellent imagery and hypnosis tools to manage emotional and physical aspects of menopause. Available to hypnotherapists and coaches.
Based on the bestselling book Mindful Menopause 
Book a place Friday 14th October 2022

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