It's taken me nearly 20 years to create the perfect hypnobirthing course and now you can do it in just 4 hours (...and 10 minutes of practice a day)

I help you to discover your inner freedom and live your life with

calm confidence 


My name is Sophie.  I'm the creator of Mindful Hypnobirthing and author of three bestselling books. I'm also a practising hypnotherapist and doula with over 18 years of experience of hypnobirthing. 

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, a bit bewildered or just want to prepare mentally, this course will help you have your best possible birth. 

I can teach you simple but powerful mindset tools to equip yourself for a positive birth and to adapt to the months that follow. 

As a writer I take pride in my hypnosis for birth audio-tracks.  There are audio-tracks to help with many different aspects of birth and if anything is not there, tell me and I'll write and record it! I have voice training from the London School of Music and Dramatic Art and am always told how soothing and calming my voice is.

You can just do the online self-guided course, or you can  also choose to attend the drop ins or even ask me questions in the community group. 

Change always begins from a single thought, are you ready to prepare for birth and unlock the power within you? 

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Dr Mark Porter

Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetist

“I recommend preparing for childbirth using techniques such as mindfulness to women in my care. The sensible practical techniques described in this book help reduce the fear and anxiety that often make childbirth more difficult and more likely to involve medical intervention.”  

Do you feel you lack the knowledge to feel in control?

You have everything you need within you. You just need to learn how to unlock this power. 

Using evidence based hypnosis and mindfulness based approaches, I'll show you how you can prepare your mind, body and baby with simple hypnosis and mindfulness tools that fit around your busy life. 
You'll learn how to
  • reduce pain (some mothers report they wouldn't call it pain at all)
  • lower intervention
  • confidently and knowledgeably communicate 
  • make choices with clarity 
  • work with your partner as a team
  • reduce the risk of caesarean birth or support for a connected caesarean
  • have a positive experience that lasts a lifetime
  • ease into 4th trimester
Whatever stage you are at, you can learn tools that support your body, mind and baby.

Hypnobirthing Online Course

This is the original Mindful Hypnobirthing course online, with the option of live online support and post birth conversation with the creator of Mindful Hypnobirthing. A huge amount of resources, visual tools, tracks and hypnosis skills that are practical, easy to use and make you feel that you can do this! All my hypnosis tracks are included to help you feel calm and confidently in control. 
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Hypnobirthing Audio Relaxation Tracks 

My tracks have been downloaded thousands of times globally.  Anyone can write a guided imagery track (even AI) but hypnosis tracks are different.  They are a more subtle and powerful way of creating change in a safe and effective way.  I've been voice trained and as a hypnotherapist who is also a writer and linguist I have crafted some beautiful tracks.  And - if what you want isn't there just ask, I'm always creating more! 
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Hypnobirthing Teacher Training

I've taught hundreds of midwives, psychologists, doulas, hypnotherapists, even mothers that have decided they have wanted to do this because they are so passionate about it. I've been through RCM accreditation, and ensure that my courses have full mentoring post training, as well as access to business advice and support when starting out. 
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Liz Villani author of Awakening

“Sophie is a fantastic hypnotherapist. Her intuitive skills and calming expertise bring out fundamental changes in consciousness and great results. I recommend Sophie’s work for traditional ailments, but also try her for mind body spirit. Ground breaking stuff. She's also a lovely person!” 


Suzy Reading 

Psychologist and author of The Little Book of Self Care
This is the resource on menopause that I’ve been waiting for. One that’s informative, practical, and deeply compassionate. Sophie expertly guides us through the nuts and bolts of what’s happening for us, demystifying menopause and empowers us with accessible tools that help us navigate this huge transition psychologically, emotionally and physically. A must read for all women.

Hypnotherapy Session

Here you can book one off hypnotherapy sessions. It can be a hypnobirthing booster or it may be for fear, lack of confidence or reducing anxiety.  Usually I work with people for a minimum of 2 sessions. Each session is 50 minutes and costs £80.
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Hypnobirthing Refresher

Just want a refresher? Then you can book one or two sessions to dust off your techniques, build some new ones or just reassure yourself that all that hypnobirthing magic is still there.  Each session costs £80 and includes a set of refresher tracks. 
I want to know more

Build your perfect hypnobirthing course

It doesn't matter if you are in Berlin or LA. Build your package from the ground up. Personalised techniques and tracks crafted to help you unconsciously synchronise with the birth you want. Book your free 15 minute session to explore this. 

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