Unlock the power within you and give birth with confidence

Mindful Hypnobirthing (self-guided online course with monthly drop in sessions)

Are you feeling worried about the pain, not being able to do it, feeling out of control? Do you want to light up your birth power and take back control?

Then this is the course for you. Learn about just how much is included in this course by clicking on the link. 

I want to unlock my birth power

Group Online Course

Do you want a group course over 4 weeks? Meet others and go through the course step by step, adapting it to your own needs. 

The next available course starts in October 2023. There are spaces for 4 couples available.

It costs £400 per couple and it's through Zoom. 

Contact me to find out more and book a place

Private 1-2-1

Private hypnobirthing classes are another level, they help you go so much deeper into your unconscious, your fears, hopes and desires around birth.

Everyone is different, you are unique - and you can have anchors, affirmations and tracks tailored to the type of birth you want for your baby. As a hypnotherapist with years of experience in this field I am one of the few people really equipped to do this. 

Price is dependent on where in the world you are. It can be online or in person wherever you are. 

You'll never know who I have worked with, as I adhere to a strict code of confidence, but I have worked with people in LA, New York, and even Sydney. 

I want to define my experience of birth

Mindful Hypnobirthing Audio Tracks

There are a range of specialist hypnosis for birth tracks designed to create a deep sense of calm and confidence.  There is the beautiful meadow relaxation, the surges of the sea, there is a track for when your baby is overdue, a track to build confidence in your body if you are having a VBAC.  And....if what you need isn't there, I'll write it, record it and add it to the library. Your mind is incredible!  Hypnosis is the most relaxing way to unlock your inner power, even as you sleep. 

See the range of tracks!


With your guidance I had a beautiful baby boy. You prepared and empowered me for birth and parenthood, and I only wish every women would do it. I have no doubt that I am a calmer and more compassionate mother. 


I just wanted to let you know that my labour went so well, beyond my expectations. the midwives were shocked at how calm I was the whole time. So much so that they thought I was nowhere near fully dilated. from the time my water broke to the time he was born was a total of 7 hours. I was so in my zone that I didn't make a single sound the whole time and i felt completely in control. 


You have such balance and grace in the way you share information, it feels a true invitation into the exploration of self, possibilities and how powerful and unique we all are...and I love it! ❤️

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