I've spent nearly 20 years creating the perfect hypnobirthing course but you can do it in just 4 hours (.....with around 10 minutes of practice a day*)


*And some wonderful hypnobirthing tracks to help you sleep soundly at night.

The online course from the international best seller


You won't learn just breathing and relaxation (hint: that's not hypnosis or mindfulness).  You will learn how to amplify the effect of these using hypnosis, alongside some powerful and simple birth mindfulness. You can discover just how incredible your mind is, what you can do with it.

Are you feeling 
  • worried about pain
  • concerned about not being in control of your actions or decisions
  • scared of intervention
  • worried about pooping yourself (yes, this is one of the biggest fears...)
  • thinking last time may have been a fluke

You are in the right place to change everything.

Using evidence based hypnosis and mindfulness this course will give you resources, tools, support and hypnobirthing tracks to help release any fear, worry or doubt you have and prepare your mindset to help you feel more confident and in control. 


This is the original Mindful Hypnobirthing course taught by Sophie Fletcher, 15+ years experience as a hypnotherapist and doula...



You'll learn

  • imagery for turning down pain
  • how to make breathing techniques even more effective with mindset training
  • how to create an oxytocin toolkit
  • unconscious anchoring to create a calming space 
  • how to stay calm and alert with self-hypnosis
  • unique mindset techniques to change sensations quickly and easily 
  • how your thoughts and feelings can make it easier for you to birth your baby
  • why expectation can change your experience (and how to change your expectation)
  • imagery to connect and bond with your baby 
  • learn how to reduce intervention with simple changes to your birth plan and your language
  • why support matters, why your partner's fears can slow labour down and how to change that 

You'll get: 

  • 15+ gorgeous guided meditation and hypnosis tracks 
  • 3 x unique 5 minute booster audios (brilliant for you if your life is very busy)
  • a hypnobirthing journal
  • a set of beautiful practice cards aligned with the course and which are only available here
  • visuals of the core deep relaxation tools 
  • a definitive guide to labour and which tools to use and when, and tracks to listen to 
  • access to a once a month online drop in with me, so you can go through anything.

Hi, I'm Sophie


I'm the bestselling author of 3 books and a hypnotherapist and doula with 15+ years experience. 

Nearly 20 years ago, I was where you are now. Pregnant. After a difficult first birth I really wanted my second to be different and better.

I stumbled upon hypnobirthing. Hypnosis would have never even crossed my mind (in fact I was really apprehensive) but I thought "what have I got to lose". 

What I learned blew me away. I trained as a hypnotherapist and introduced mindfulness to my course after attending a retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh.

You will learn, and master, the best of what hypnobirthing has to offer you. This is a course that really puts emphasis on the hypnosis in hypnobirthing.

I am going to teach you what I discovered as well as incredible hypnosis and mindfulness skills, tailored for birth, that can help you manage pain, increase confidence, and give you the resources to tackle any situation around birth that may be worrying you. 

The tools I give you are based on evidence and are simple, powerful and easy to use.

You can do this!  And I can help you. 



Mindful Hypnobirthing 

Start today and get on course for a positive birth.  

One off payment


  • 20 + audio tracks
  • Monthly live drop-in session with Sophie
  • Printable resources for your birth bag
  • 24 downloadable practice cards
  • 12 modules 
  • Online community
  • You can use it on desktop through the website or with an app. 
  • 9 months access
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20 + Audiotracks

Hypnosis tracks are different from relaxation tracks or meditation tracks.  They may sound the same but the way they are written is slightly different, they accelerate results  I love recording tracks and the free tracks with my book have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

In this course you get unique tracks with a mix of long gentle hypnotic relaxations (around 20mins), and shorter tracks (around 5 mins) which really embed the pain management tools quickly and easily so they work effectively.

This photo is just a sample, you get suggested playlists depending on where you are in your pregnancy and some brilliant rapid conditioning tracks as well. 

"Worth it for the tracks alone!"


Meadow Relaxation
Listen to a sample


Videos showing you how to use the tools

A series of simple videos that really connect you with the knowledge and tools you'll need.

  • Understand how your thoughts influence your contractions
  • The secrets to feeling calm, confident and in control
  • Demonstration of over 10 hypnosis and mindfulness tools, so you can find the one which works for you
  • Bonus hypnosis sections if you are concerned about induction or going over your dates. 

After these videos you'll already be feeling more confident, equipped with tools to manage anxiety, pain, or overwhelm. 


That make it easy for you

Like to be organised? I've been teaching for over 15 years and I've put all the most popular material collected over the years into this online package of birth confidence. 

  • Downloadable Journal to tuck into your birth bag with shortcuts to make it easy on the day.
  • Set of 24 practice cards that you can download.  Just pick one a day and you'll have done your practice. They help you stay on track with minimum effort. 
  • The unique step by step plan which tells you the stages of labour, what you may be experiencing and which techniques to use. 
  • Visuals of the techniques so you can stick them up around your home and learn them unconsciously.  

You have everything you need, organised and set up in an easy to learn format. (Those with toddlers and busy lives will thank me!)


Someone by your side

I like to be accessible. I answer your questions myself.  Here's how you can contact me if you have a question about techniques or have a question about something that isn't in the course. 

  • Facebook Group
  • Once a month online group meeting
  • Discounted 1:1 online hour booster hypnobirthing sessions (50% off my usual price)

With this in place you can be sure that you can feel confident that this course can provide you with the tools, resources, and support to feel 100% prepared. 

Everyone can do hypnobirthing, including you! Whatever birth you choose to have, you CAN make it a positive experience. There are tools for caesarean births, VBAC, and even induction. Hypnosis is amazing, it changed my life, not just my birth - and it can change yours too.


Mindful Hypnobirthing 

Start today and get on course for a positive birth.  

One off payment


  • 20 + audio tracks
  • monthly live drop-in session with Sophie
  • Printable resources for your birth bag
  • Downloadable practice cards
  • 10 modules 
  • Supportive online community
  • 9 months access
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