Corporate Wellbeing

Corporate Wellbeing.

Tools you need to create a well-being platform at work. 

Before I trained as a therapist, I worked for 10 years in strategy and policy development as a senior policy advisor in the public sector.

I know the challenges that people face in the workplace, and how important wellness is.  I also know how to write and implement a policy.

I have worked with the health sector, education sector, membership organisations and the private sector to deliver training across the board. 

My strength is in equipping your staff with very specific and targeted mindset tools which are evidenced to improve well-being, and enhance productivity and creativity. 

Some of the organisations I have worked with are the British Medical Association, Nottingham University, Nottingham Trent University and the NHS. 

Lunchtime Wellness

These one hour, or less, sessions can be tailored and can be on any topic.  Examples of ones I have run in the past are on Awe Walks, The Rested Creative Brain, Menopause Relief, Productivity Pauses and Imagery for Goal Setting.  

Antenatal and postnatal wellbeing

If you aren't addressing the wellbeing of your pregnant employees, you should be! I work with businesses to support and help reduce stress and anxiety for parents-to-be, and for new parents, making it easier to return to work and find a new work life balance. 

Menstruation and menopause

Need a menstruation and menopause policy? Or do you want to raise awareness within the workplace of the implications of menstruation and menopause to health equality, the gender pay gap and staff retention? I can help write a policy, deliver it to leadership teams, as well as implementing a series of robust group well-being sessions or one to one mentoring across your organisation. 

Video and Audio Resources

My audio is one of the most popular aspects of my work. My author page on the Penguin website is in the global top 10 because of the audio tracks. I can create specific audio that can increase well-being, creativity and productivity, for your company that can be used as sustainable well-being resources on your intranet.  This is included with all corporate packages but can also be purchased as a one off. 

Are you interested in onsite training, online training or some simple resources such as audiotracks to add to your staff wellbeing intranet?

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