Tracks to get you on track for birth. 


Listen to these audio-tracks for a powerfully connected birth experience. With my voice guiding you, you will feel supported, and connected to your power at a deep level. 

Words that Change Birth

Take a deep breath in, and then breathe out.

You are in safe hands.  I'm a doula as well as a hypnotherapist with years of experience in writing hypnosis tracks.

  They have been developed after listening to women and watching them birth over the last 15+ years.

With the purchase of all my audio you get access to my Facebook Group where you can get live support. 

£19.50 (set of tracks)

Helps start labour by reducing worry or anxiety and keeping that oxytocin high in the final weeks of pregnancy, or during an induction. It includes a long track that you listen to before you go to bed, a set of affirmations and a general relaxation track that can also be used by your partner and after birth as well. You'll get supporting tips, videos and hypnosis tools to help you have a positive experience. 

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£19.50 (set of tracks)

If you are worried about the strength of your scar, position of baby or not sure if your body can really do it, and don't believe the "trust in your body" in many hypnobirthing tracks this is great.  These tracks will create an inner sense of confidence and calm that your body can do it, and you'll be ok if it doesn't. You'll get lots of extra material, hypnosis tips and videos to support you on your VBAC journey and help you to have a positive experience. From one VBAC mum to can do this! 


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Calm and Confident Caesarean
£19.50 (set of tracks)

Do you want to create a loving space for your baby to born into. Do you want to let go of fear and make it a beautiful and memorable day?  You can  prepare for a caesarean birth from a place of calm in you and feeling connected with your baby. The hypnosis tracks that come with this include confidence tracks and healing imagery specifically for a caesarean birth. I've also included a general relaxation one for when after your baby is born. You'll also get some hints and video tips that help you feel equipped and prepared for a positive experience. 

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Hypnobirthing Audio Super Bundle 

Just want tracks? Bored of listening to the same ones over and over? There are over 10 gorgeous tracks, that build confidence, manage pain, connect you with your inner resources. I've also included the Induction track as an added bonus. If you are doing another course these tracks will complement them. These are gorgeous guided meditations, interwoven with powerful hypnotic suggestion layered on a track of calming music. Click the buy now link to see the full range of tracks. 

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Have a go at hypnobirthing bundle 

£19.50 (4 tracks to get you started)

This set has 4 tacks to get you started, and to see if hypnobirthing is for you. There is the long meadow relaxation, surges of the sea, pregnancy affirmations and a track to harness your inner resources. If you were like me when I first stumbled across hypnobirthing, a little apprehensive, then this is for you. You can always upgrade to the full course at a later date if you love it and start to feel that you need a little bit more and want added support. 


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Hypnobirthing Tracks Without Music

£19.50 5 tracks

I find it really hard to get tracks without music.  It may be personal choice, or it may be for religious or cultural reasons that you need to listen to hypnobirthing tracks without music. Some people also like to overlay the tracks onto their own music, you can do this provided they are for your own use. These tracks include the popular meadow relaxation and surges of the sea. 


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