£19.50 GBP

Hypnobirthing tracks without music.

Are you feeling anxious and want to be feeling, calmer, more confident? 

These tracks will work through any birth limiting beliefs you have, and create a deep sense of confidence that you can birth your baby and have a positive experience. 

How does this feel?  You'll just feel lighter, until one day you realise that you are feeling calmly excited about your baby's birth.

What you'll get:

1. Meadow Relaxation (c25 mins)

An all time favourite track. A long confidence, building relaxation, recently re-recorded and upgraded.  This is one of my most popular tracks of all time.

2. Surges of the sea (c 20 mins)

Lovely beach relaxation, that helps you to connect with the rhythm of your body and soothe contractions waves.

3. Body Baby Scan (c 10 mins)

A beautiful way to connect with your baby any time. This is perfect for pregnancy, early stages of labour and even the day before an induction

4. Oxytocin Imagery  (c 5 mins)

This is a very short track 5 minute track to use during labour that helps increase oxytocin in your body. Practice before birth to get full effect. 

5. Letting go (c15 mins)

Listen to this to let go of any worry or stress. This is a track with no mention of pregnancy or birth, so you and your partner can listen to it long after your baby has been born.

Important:  Do not listen to these tracks whilst driving or operating machinery. 

Tracks will be emailed to you after purchase.