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Menopause Training Day

Are you working with women, often between the ages of 40 and 55, and want to offer some simple mindset tools alongside your work that will enrich their experience? 

If you are a hypnotherapist, coach or psychologist sometimes people who come to see you, may be experiencing symptoms of peri/menopause without it having even crossed their mind. If you are a hypnotherapist, how you treat sleep may be very different to how you may treat it usually.

What we'll cover

  • A quick guide to menopause
  • Expectation, experience and the power of placebo
  • Imagery tools and simple self-hypnosis
  • Tackling specific issues such as pain, weight, sleep etc with hypnosis
  • How to use hypnotic suggestion and storytelling to create change in your clients.
  • Menopause planning
  • A 35 PDF booklet with scripts and other useful information
  • use of a digital Mindful Menopause® Trained badge. 

I've been training in hypnosis and women's health for over 15 years. This course is a structured and simple approach to working with women and can also be adapted into a one day women facing course. 

After purchasing the course you'll be send the login details and I'll send a further email out nearer the time. 

Please note:

This is an event and is non-refundable, although it is transferable in the event you are unable to attend

What People Are Saying:

I absolutely loved the training day and it’s truly inspired me to work this pathway. I’ve worked with women's groups for 20 years and this is just a wonderful step to embrace. I really enjoy your narrative of working with women. It’s so empowering and part of a beautiful cycle. Thank you for sharing your gift. Testimonial


I absolutely loved your training session and your book. You have such balance and grace in the way you share information, it feels a true invitation into the exploration of self, possibilities and how powerful and unique we all are...and I love it!

Thank you again for a fabulous training day on Mindful Menopause. Wow, I wish I had known all this when I was going through it all those years! I think you've generously shared your work with us for the benefit of supporting others