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Great sleep can also contribute to weight loss goals. If you feel that you are struggling with sleep you may find this product helpful as well. 

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Intuitive eating and motivation to get healthy

Have you been trying to stay on track with your weight loss goals but struggle? 

Do you want to create sustainable weight loss or maintain a healthy approach to nutrition? 

Do you snack on  foods that you know aren't right for you.

Do you need to increase motivation to eat well and exercise consistently? 

These tracks are designed not just to lose or maintain a healthy weight, but to also motivate you and keep you on track.  

Do you want to do all of these without even having to think about it? 

Hypnosis moves you towards your goals, by encouraging you at a deep level to make the incremental changes which get results. 

People who use these tracks find that they are feeling fitter, lighter, healthier and with more energy without even having to think about what they are doing. 

These tracks are designed by a leading hypnotherapist and are studio recorded.  

All tracks are supplied both with and without music.

What you'll get:

  • Healthy intuitive eating (25 mins)
  • Goal Motivation  (25 mins)
  • Control Room (7 mins)

Please do not listen to these tracks whilst driving or operating any machinery. 

Once you have purchased the tracks they will be sent to you in a email. Be patient they will arrive, sometimes there is a delay of around 10 minutes.  If you haven't received them, please check your junk mail.