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Calm and Confident Caesarean Birth


If you want to create a memorable day and a positive experience of your baby's birth day then these are the tracks for you. 

As someone who has had a caesarean I know how important it is to create a mental and emotionally strong place to go into a caesarean birth. 

It helps with your feelings on the day connects you with your baby, can help with pain management afterwards, it can also help with healing. There is substantial evidence to support the use of relaxation and imagery in wound healing. 

These aren't really just tracks, it's a mini course.  There are some videos with additional hypnosis tools, teaching you when and how to use the tools to get maximum benefit. 


  • Confidence and calm preparation track  (20mins). Lovely long track to build confidence and to feel calm.
  • BodyBabyBirth Scan (10 mins) A beautiful body scan of you and your baby to help you connect with your body and your baby, ground yourself, and communicate with baby. This is especially lovely to listen to the night before or on the day of your baby's birth.
  • Calm Breath : A short 5 minute conditioning track to help you create a calm anchor to the words 321, relax relax relax.
  • Healing imagery track (10mins) - some guided imagery to help you heal more quickly
  • Relaxation track (15 mins) : a track that doesn't mention birth for either your partner, or for you afterwards. 

Extra bonus material! 

I think it's really important to have the tracks along with videos and directions on how to get the best of them. That's why you'll be directed to a page where you get additional hints, tips and hypnosis tools on how to have a positive caesarean birth.  


Please do not listen to this tracks whilst driving machinery. 

They are not intended to replace medical advice.

If you have any medical questions please refer to your healthcare provider.