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Hypnosis Download - Calm and Confident VBAC

Are you worried about your scar?  Do you think you might fail?  Are you unsure whether your body can do it?  Can you really trust your body?

If any of these questions are familiar or you have others, these tracks are for you. I wrote them originally because someone said to me they couldn't listen to a hypnobirthing track which said "trust in your body, your body knows what to do".

These tracks will build trust in your body (hint, it probably wasn't your body!) help you prepare for a confident VBAC.  This is important as fear and anxiety can create tension in the body which makes it harder to birth. 

If you have tackled any fears you have before the birth and you are more relaxed you may have an easier VBAC.

In this set of audio-tracks you'll get 

  • Audio-tracks both with and without music. There are three different recordings. One longer VBAC confidence one (20 mins), affirmations (1.5 mins) and a lovely track to listen to which will help you draw on all your amazing inner resources. (20 mins)
  • Video tips
  • Powerful guidance on steps to prepare for a VBAC.

Please do not listen to this tracks whilst driving machinery. 

They are not intended to replace medical advice.

If you have any medical questions please refer to your healthcare provider.