£19.50 GBP

Have a go at hypnobirthing!

Want to have a go at hypnobirthing?  Just want a few tracks. This is a great starting point. Get to feel what hypnosis feels like, knowing you are safe with an expert hypnotherapist. 

I wasn't' sure  about hypnosis when I started but a few tracks were enough to start building confidence in the hypnosis and in my ability to birth my baby. I was soon proven wrong! 

Look at where I am 18 years later!  If it worked for me it can work for anyone....

What you'll get:

  • Meadow Relaxation (c20mins)
  • Surges of the Sea (c 15 mins)
  • Harness your inner resources (c 20mins)
  • Pregnancy affirmations 

Free Bonus Track: Background music without lyrics. 

This is not a full mindful hypnobirthing course, it is a small example of what hypnosis feels like, and what you can expect from the audio aspect of a mindful hypnobirthing course. 

NB. Please do not listen to these tracks without driving or operating machinery. 

As this product is a digital download, it is refundable.