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Nourish and Move

This audio-track course gives you everything you need to change unconscious habits around eating and exercise. 

Do you find yourself picking at 4pm or eating when you aren't hungry even though you know that it's not what your body needs? Do you eat foods that you know aren't good for you? Or too much of the foods that you know don't suit you.

Do you want to get into regular habits of going to the gym, walking, swimming, [fill in your blank!] and find that you are sabotaging yourself with distractions or other things to do?

If so then this course will get beneath the surface of that part of your brain that stops you from doing the things that you want to do and know will benefit you. 

All you need to do is learn why this is happening, and how to change it. 

In this course I'll do just that. 

All my courses dive into your unconscious so that you can create the habits that help you reach your goal, without you really having to think about it. 

Ask yourself, and be honest. What is the end goal here?  Is is to lose weight?  If so why is this important to you? Losing weight isn't usually goal, think about why you want to or need to lose weight. 

Movement is a really important part of this. I won't (or can't) tell you what is right for you, only you can know that.  But I will show you how to create regular habits that make you feel lighter, fitter and healthier. 

Exercise also contributes to your mental well-being. Establishing great habits around this will not only help you physically, but you will find that you feel lighter, happier, calmer and more confident as you progress through this course. 

What you'll get:

3x 20 minute hypnosis audio

  • Intuitive eating - learn to connect what your body needs and unconsciously find yourself reaching for foods that meet its needs in a healthy way
  • SOS (Soothing over snacking) - snacks the bane of your life.  This will stop snacking in its tracks and retrain your unconscious to find other healthier ways to soothe you in those moments.I f anyone has ever soothed you with food then this pattern needs breaking! 
  • Free, light and happy - This is how most of my clients want to feel or do feel. Free of the habits which are so detrimental to their health, and light and happier in body AND mind. 
  • 3x5 minute trigger tracks to create in the moment trigger to help you stay on track with creating your new healthy habits around nourishment and movement. 

Plus +

  • Videos that help you understand these unconscious patterns of behaviours
  • self-hypnosis tools 
  • mindfulness tools 

that can change your relationship to food forever.  

[please do not listen to the audio-tracks whilst driving ]