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Hypnobirthing Downloads - Natural Induction Downloads

Tracks to let go of fear and get labour started when you are ready.  An amazing set of tracks written and recorded specifically for this stage of pregnancy and birth.  (Listen from 37 weeks). 

This is perfect if 

  • you are feeling some anxiety or apprehension and you are over 37 weeks
  • 40 weeks and feeling worried about induction 
  • chosen to have an induction and want to make it as positive experience as possible. 

Alongside the tracks you'll get some videos and lots of tips to help get labour started or things to think about for a positive induction. This is really a mini-hypnobirthing course for gentle induction! 

Audio Tracks*

  • It's time baby (25 mins)
  • Affirmations (1.5 mins)
  • Oxytocin Shortcut (5 mins - magic conditioning track)
  • Bonus Track (background music) 30 mins 
  • Bonus Track (non birth relaxation for later!) (15 mins) 

*Run time is approximate. 

PLUS bonus material!

  • Video tips
  • Powerful guidance on your options 

Please do not listen to this tracks whilst driving machinery. 

They are not intended to replace medical advice.

If you have any medical questions please refer to your healthcare provider.