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Mindful Hypnobirthing Online Course

Let's cut to the chase. 

If you've landed here you are ready to commit to some really fantastic hypnobirthing preparation.

What I do well is help people like you feel prepared and confident in a way that is different from other methods. 

How do I know I can help you? 

Because I've been there. Twenty weeks pregnant,  a big smile on my face, outwardly totally cool about birth, but internally - not a clue. Slightly terrified and unsure of what to expect or who to trust.

Hypnobirthing changed everything for me and it can for you too. 

You may just be feeling unprepared or wanting to optimise your experience of birth or you may be:

  • fearful of pain
  • scared of tearing or pooing 
  • anxious about being out of control
  • feeling poorly equipped 
  • anxious of being the centre of attention 
  • self-conscious about being naked and exposed
  • unclear of how to advocate for yourself
  • supported by a partner who doesn't know what to do
  • worried about the well-being of your baby 
  • .......there is nearly always something unique to each person

How will these course help you? 

  • It shows you how your thoughts and feelings change the way you birth
  • It gives you simple hypnosis and mindfulness tools and then it shows how you can adapt them, or adjust them in a way that works for you
  • It has over 20 audio-birth preparation tracks, recorded by an expert hypnotherapist and doula. Including my unique super long tracks.
  • Gives you real person support.  Monthly drop-ins and same day support on my Facebook Group. 

Want to..

  • feel calmer and more in control 
  • have agency and be able to self-advocate
  • have a partner will feel more confident in advocating for you, and knowing what to do 
  • be more confident keeping your space private and know what that matters
  • reduce pain or even switch it off completely with some beautiful hypnosis tools 

You'll also have some brilliant imagery tools

  • that increase oxytocin to keep labour moving 
  • make you more comfortable
  • to make a contraction feel shorter and easier
  • turn down nausea
  • make second stage a lot easier 
  • that reduce tearing 
  • induce labour naturally 

BONUS! This is usually only available on the one to one private courses I do, but I'm offering to you as part of this course for a limited time only. 

You have a brilliant PDF which shows you.

  1. what stage of labour you are at
  2. what you may be experiencing physically
  3. what you may be experiencing emotionally 
  4. what techniques work at that point
  5. what your partner can do to help

This is hugely popular and can really help guide you through labour, it's also really helpful for anyone supporting you. 

Why do this course? 

This is the real deal.  I'm a trained hypnotherapist with over 15 years experience.  I adhere to a strict code of ethics, and am fully insured and DBS checked. I am also CNHC registered with is the professional register linked to the Department of Health. 

I am the only person who teaches mindfulness and hypnosis in this way.  If you see it anywhere else, without a practitioner certification badge, then it's nothing to do with me. 


This is a breakdown of the content:



  • 12 modules with video guidance on everything you need to know to have a positive hypnobirth including fantastic techniques to reduce pain and increase your sense of control.
  • Over 20 audio tracks worth £200. There are over 10 longer tracks (15-25 mins each) and my unique shorter conditioning tracks (5 mins) These shorter tracks are superb at embedding techniques really quickly. If you struggle to find the time to practice,  you will love these! It's quick and powerful. My tracks are unique, I write them and record them myself. 
  • Over 11 specific hypnotherapy tools, learn which ones work best for you
  • Understand the link with fear and pain. The lightbulb moment!
  • Visual resources to make learning easily unconscious
  • Journal that you can tuck into your birth bag which will guide you and your partner on the day.
  • 24 beautiful practice cards, to make it super easy to keep on track with just the right amount of practice. 
  • A unique guide you won't get anywhere else telling you what happens, when it happens, what you may be feeling physically, emotionally and what techniques work best in response. 
  • Direct access to me, if you have questions.  My drop-in sessions once a month are great opportunities for Q&A, to learn additional techniques. Sometimes it's a group and sometimes you may get me 1-2-1! 

BONUS:  A section to support you if you are faced with the possibility of an induction. 

Please note that Digital downloads are a large part of this offer, so I am unable to offer refunds for this product. 

What People Are Saying:

I just wanted to message you and say thank you for the mindful Hypnobirthing book. I listened to the audiobook and meditations every day whilst pregnant from 16 weeks and it helped me to feel so calm and in control, even despite these strange times. I had a really positive VBAC last week, and your book (and I hope it's not too strange to say) your voice definitely influenced that.


Just wanted to let you know that my labour went so well, beyond my expectations. the midwives were shocked at how calm I was the whole time. So much so that they thought I was nowhere near fully dilated. from the time my water broke to the time he was born was a total of 7 hours. I was so in my zone that I didn't make a single sound the whole time and I felt completely in control. I delivered the baby in the tub and there was no one in the room because no one was expecting it 😅 I kept replaying the contraction wave track with my headphones on. Thank you!