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Hypnobirth Bundle - All the downloads you'll need

Do you want a set a great tracks, are you suffering from hypnobirthing track fatigue listening to the same track over and over again?

This is an incredible bundle of audios. These tracks are only available as part of the online course or if you are working privately with me. 

For the first time I've pulled them together as a huge bundle of tracks so you never get bored! 

These are beautiful guided mediations, interwoven with powerful hypnotic suggestion, layered over an amazingly calming music track.

The best thing about these is that you can listen to them alongside any other courses.

What you'll get:

  • Meadow Relaxation (my first and favourite track).  A fabulous guided meditation,  based on the chakras which will bring your calm  confidence into an alignment with every part of you. Interwoven with imagery is expertly crafted hypnotic suggestion to create a deep unconscious change and inner sense of "I can do this!".
  • Surges of the sea This is early track which I've re-recorded and re-written.  It helps you to get in touch with your instincts and the natural rhythm of your body and the contraction waves. Set on a beach of course this will feel comforting and soothing to listen to. 
  • Body Baby Scan.  A simple guided meditation that connects you with your body and your baby. This a great track if you want to connect and send a message to your baby.  People use it during pregnancy, before and induction and even before a caesarean birth to connect with the magic of their baby's birthday. 
  • Hypnoanaesthesia. What is says on the tin!  A very popular track which teaches you how to effectively use the glove hypnosis technique. The secret to this technique is to practice it, but having an audio can accelerate any practice and deeply embed your bodies response to the triggers. It is so good it's used in surgery and for dentistry. 
  • Inner resources This connects you to all your amazing inner resources. It's doesn't mention the phrase "trust in your body, trust in your instincts" so it's especially good if you have had a difficult birth before or if things take an unexpected direction.  
  • Contraction wave 1.5 minutes of magic.  This is the first time this track has been for sale outside of my online course. Listen to it during a contraction and it'll be over before you realise it's started.  I'm often asked for this track.  
  • 40 week wobble If you are 40 weeks and feeling a. bit apprehensive, listen to this track and you'll instantly get back into your calm and confident birth mindset.
  • Confident Partner A track with no mention of a cervix or contractions! Help your partner build their inner confidence so they can support you better.  
  • C'mon baby it's time  I don't mention induction as inductions aren't natural however they are done.  Your body will get started when your mindset is free of worry.  All you need is to let go of the worry about it starting! When you do that oxytocin rises and gets those contractions moving. 
  • Labour track - this is a 1.5 hour track with meadow relaxation, surges of the sea and then the background music back to back with no counting up. this will get you into a very deep state of relaxed hypnosis in your birthing zone
  • Conditioning tracks - these are part of my course and techniques. I include them on here as they may be helpful. They are very short 3-5 mins long each. But they condition a  relaxation response to the words 321 relax relax relax and the deepener. One of the quickest and easiest ways to embed learning and brilliant if you are short on time but can practice little and often. 
  • Affirmations for pregnancy
  • Affirmations for birth 


(in total approximate 2.5 hour running time)

FREE BONUS tracks Mindful Hypnobirthing  and the background music for the tracks

These tracks on their own would be worth over £120 but you an get them for just £49 as part of the bundle. 

PLUS:  If you need the caesarean birth bundle or the VBAC bundle as well, get in touch and I'll give you a discount code. 

Important: Please do not listen to these tracks when driving or using machinery...

Please note: because of the digital nature of these products they are non-refundable. Thank you for understanding. 

What People Are Saying:

I had big baby induction pressure. And I also was advised of the risk of shoulder dystocia and offered a caesarean. as I waited to be induced, I went into labour on my own, had a two hour labour and breathed through the whole way! I used your book and your techniques. I visualised the whole time during contractions and imagined a small boy on a surf board riding each wave. Each contraction wave I get closer to meeting my baby! Thank you so much for all your expertise and hard work you are amazing and changing women’s lives everywhere!

I listened to the audiobook and meditations every day whilst pregnant from 16 weeks and it helped me to feel so calm and in control, even despite these strange times. I had a really positive VBAC last week, and your book (and I hope it's not too strange to say) your voice definitely influenced that.

We beat the induction clock/deliberations & amazingly went into labour on our own last night at 37 weeks! (As well as my body proving it could do it after all, I am giving serious credit to some clary sage oil!!) Fabulous birth with continuous monitoring, but just gas & air & my goodness your voice and techniques guided me through! An enormous thank you!