9th April 2024 7pm-8pm (UTC)

Mindful Hypnobirthing Masterclass

Learn how to use simple but powerful hypnobirthing tools. You'll get a chance to ask an expert hypnotherapist and bestselling author with 20 years experience in hypnosis for birth  from the comfort of your home 


7 April 2024


  • private: screen off, mic off, names hidden 
  • ask questions anonymously
  • free resources
  • access to my community
  • level up for birth

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Limited places available


This masterclass will teach you how to master your mind, unlock your inner resources and birth with calm confidence. 

Three Powerful but simple tools

Learn the tools and how to practice them so you train your brain to automatically activate your soothing system and ride your contraction waves. 


How to create powerful affirmations that fit with your values so then when you say them you feel them. 

Hypnobirthing Audio Tracks

How to listen to your tracks to get the best out of them, even if circumstances change. Where you listen to them, who you listen to, and how you listen to them is all part of the preparation. 

I'm Sophie.

I have 20 years experience as hypnotherapist, I'm a doula and the bestselling author of Mindful Hypnobirthing, Mindful Mamma and Mindful Menopause. 

I've been at many births. Births where babies have been born in labours less then 3 hours and others that have been days. I've seen home water births, consultant led high-risk births. I've seen midwives incredulous when I've used hypnotic imagery to reduce blood pressure, doctors wanting to know more about imagery I've used to take blood easily and I've seen women fearlessly step into their power.  

The tools I teach are adaptable and versatile. My courses aren't just a few breathing techniques, and some generic affirmations. I teach you how your unconscious mind influences birth, and how you can learn to programme your mind in a way that unlocks your inner power and strength. 

In this Masterclass I'll introduce you some typical hypnobirthing tools, but I'll show you how to level them up with some hypnosis based on the latest research.

Not all hypnobirthing is the same. And in this free masterclass you'll get an insight into why Mindful Hypnobirthing is different. 

Register for this free Hypnobirthing Masterclass on April 9 at 7.00pm!

Limited places available